Social Implementation Program

The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is cooperating with the Industry Liaison Office in order to apply the technologies developed at ATC for astronomical instruments to society. In 2023, we established The Social Implementation Program in ATC and are promoting the activities to implement our technologies in various industrial fields.

Quantum computer implementation project team

ultra-low-noise microwave amplifier

In radio telescopes, radio waves arriving from various celestial objects are received by receivers using superconducting technologies and the technologies can be applied to ultra-low-noise amplifiers or isolators for fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Adaptive optics application project team

Observation of living onion cells by optical microscopy
( Patents: JP2013195943A, US11422363B2 and US10254538B2 )

In the field of adaptive optics (AO) technology, which compensates for atmospheric turbulence to obtain a clear image of celestial objects, there is growing interest in its application to optical instruments for purposes other than astronomical observation, such as biological microscopes or optical communications, etc.


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