We are responsible for the design and development of observational instruments, and the planning and implementation of their verification.

The System Design Group consists of three teams (Thermal and Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, and Sensor Engineering) that support instrument development.

In FY 2021, the Design Unit for instrument development was reorganized into one group, enabling closer cooperation.

In particular, mechanical and optical design are inseparable in instrument development, and we were able to take the first step toward unified optomechanical design to handle these two areas.

Overview of the Teams

Thermal and Mechanical Engineering Team

The Thermal and Mechanical Engineering Team conducts the thermal and structural design of observational instruments from conceptual study to performance evaluation. Our strong point is knowledge and experience in developing instruments for a wide range of temperatures down to cryogenic temperatures. We develop various instruments to be deployed everywhere from the ground to space.

Optics Engineering Team

The Optics Engineering Team performs optical design using ray tracing and physical optical simulation; stray light and tolerance analysis; prototyping; optical metrology; and assembly. In addition to optical system development for various observational instruments deployed everywhere from the ground to space, we conduct research and development activities for future instruments. We also have various types of equipment for special deposition and for high-precision optical measurement.

Sensor Engineering Team

The Sensor Engineering Team designs, develops, manufactures, and maintains receivers specialized for unique antennas and telescopes. Sensor development requires the ability to deal with various technical fields such as electronics, mechanics, vacuum, and cryogenic temperatures. We contribute to the development of astronomy with our comprehensive technical capabilities based on our accumulated experience.


(as of 2022/10/1)

OpenModelica1.18 or laterOpen Source Modelica ConsortiumSystem modeling & simulation language
CODE V2022.03SynopsysOptical design software
LightTools2022.03SynopsysIllumination design software
Zemax OpticStudio22.2.1 (Premium)AnsysOptical design software
SigFit2020R1iSigmadyneOptomechanical analysis software
SolidWorks2020Dassault Systems3D CAD software
Inventor2015Autodesk3D CAD software
NX12SiemensCAE software
MatlabR2022aMathWorksNumeric computing environment

Measuring Instruments

(as of 2022/10/1)

AccuFizE100S4D technologyFizeau interferometer (4 inch)
6-Axis HexapodH850.H2PIHexapods for high-load positioning up to 250 kg
TriAngle UltraSpecTA US 300-57TRIOPTICSElectronic autocollimator for  precise angle measurement
Laser displacement sensorLK-H085 + LK-G5000VKeyenceDisplacement sensor


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