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The Mission and the Strategy

The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is the research center for advanced instrumentation and technology development for both ground-based and space astronomy with wavelengths ranging from radio through ultra-violet.  Needless to say, advances in astronomy are made possible only through state-of-the-art instrumentation. NAOJ’s advanced projects require development of the most modern technologies that are not readily available elsewhere in the world. ATC designs, develops, manufactures, and tests critical components vital for advanced instrumentation as well as the instrument systems. We are determined to overcome the limitation imposed by the conventional technology with technical innovation and breakthrough.

Our advanced products in the past 20 years include the ALMA Bands 4, 8 and 10 receivers (on-going), the Hyper Suprime-Cam, a prime focus camera of the Subaru telescope, the solar optical telescope and X-ray CCD camera aboard ISAS/JAXA Hinode spacecraft, two solar instruments for ISAS sub-orbital program, the first-generation adaptive optics and focal plane instruments for Subaru. Basic development of key technologies is also critically important for our future.  Our ongoing work includes development of a focal plane camera for radio astronomy with MKID technology, and Lyman-alpha polarimeter for NAOJ-ISAS-NASA sounding rocket experiments.

ATC also provides a platform to meet the current and future technology needs in astronomy for scientists and engineers inside and outside NAOJ. ATC owns world-class equipment such as high-quality clean rooms for the ALMA SIS mixer and space-astronomy instruments, space chambers, optical methodology instruments, ion-beam sputtering machine for thin-film coating, and precision machinery.

ATC consists of approximately 50 staff scientists, engineers and technicians including contract-based personnel as well as graduate students working with a wide range of instrument developments. Staff scientists are encouraged to perform astrophysics research as well with the instruments that they develop.

We are committed to the successful development of the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) focal plane instruments, and to contributing the development of the KAGURA gravitational wave telescope led by the Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo as well as various basic development programs vital for future ground-based and space astronomy. NAOJ ATC is a unique world-class center of astronomy instrumentation in Japan. We are grateful for your support and feedback that enables us to better serve the world astronomy community.


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