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Excerpts from the report of the ATC external review (2010)
  • The Review panel was extremely impressed with the achievements of the ATC as visible in the material presented both during and prior to the review. It is clear that much has been accomplished in the last four years and all the staff at the ATC should be very proud – the ATC looks good on a Global Stage
  • The Review panel has examined the self-assessment material provided by the ATC. After some discussion, the panel agrees with the internal valuations with one noteworthy exception: the development and distribution of the ALMA cartridge test sets should be elevated to SS
  • We feel that the ATC is now ready to make the next step and offer advice that we hope will help you to transition from the “heroic” success of the last four years into a future of sustainable excellence
  • In order to continue playing a prominent role, ATC (and NAOJ) should consider participation in future international project opportunities as part of a strategic plan
  • Within the framework of an NAOJ strategic plan, the ATC itself should develop its own strategic plan to achieve the top-level goals and in doing so, will necessarily set specific strategic goals of its own
  • One important activity within the ATC is the development of technology roadmaps which feed into science priorities
  • A key aspect of the process for the ATC is be able to identify and support the in-house project champions needed to secure interesting and challenging work for the center
  • We recommend that NAOJ-ATC carefully analyze the technical and engineering requirements of space projects and its implications on the ATC as well as the relation of space instruments with the NAOJ science strategy to reach a well founded conclusion
  • We feel that 48 staff is insufficient for such a broad mission, especially considering the need to provide free common user support
  • We feel that to remain competitive in a global landscape it is crucial that the ATC be able to hire professional engineers
  • We recommend the ATC adopt a Project Manager/ Instrument Scientist partnership model
  • We recommend that the top-level selection criteria need to explicitly recognize the potential of post-doctoral candidates for participation in development projects at the ATC
  • Graduate students are an important source of creative energy and both science oriented and engineering oriented students should be considered
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